The Win/Win Way: - To Get What You Want

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It's Not OVER Until You Win! Your Dream is Possible - Les Brown

In all relationships there will be disagreements. How these disagreements are resolved — win—lose, lose—win, lose—lose, win—win — will go a long way in determining the degree of pleasure and happiness in those relationships. Striving for a win—win resolution to any disagreement cannot help but lead to ongoing relationship happiness.

To live win—win, adopt the following practices. The first two are mental, the last three behavioral. Commit to win—win. Make a firm commitment to approach all differences you have with another with the win—win mentality. This will help you strive for a resolution that feels good to both of you. You will find pleasure in doing so and the other person will appreciate you for the effort. Think Breakthrough. Many people approach their relationship problems as catastrophes. That is, they view their disagreements with others as horrors, things to be avoided at all costs.

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It goes without saying that this breakdown mindset does not lend itself to constructive problem solving. In breakthrough thinking, you look upon your relationship problems as opportunities to work together to achieve new levels of closeness and intimacy. The questions a breakthrough thinker asks are: What are the possibilities for a win—win solution to this problem?

What can we learn that will help us be more happy together? What is the opportunity that exists in this disagreement to build a closer bond? To the contrary, they welcome them when they arise as opportunities for win—win breakthroughs. You can approach your inevitable differences and disagreements this way too. Schedule Problem Solving Meetings.

I encourage you to schedule regular meetings with your significant other, your children, and your close colleagues with the agenda being to identify and resolve conflicts.

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These meetings are not only an excellent opportunity to resolve the more important issues in your relationship life, but they also serve to prevent differences or disagreements from festering over time whereby hurt and resentment can build. In these meetings, follow three ground rules. One, do not turn them into a complaint session.

Two, reinforce your mutual commitment to the win—win principle. Three, be more committed to hearing and understanding than to telling and selling your point of view. Listen, Listen, Listen.

WIN-WIN | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

As I emphasized in my blog on June 30, , listening is a profoundly important skill for relationship happiness. And, as pointed out in this blog, it is an essential part of win—win resolutions to disagreements. Beyond problem solving, remember that listening also serves to communicate caring and respect.

So, you can hardly listen too much. Practice it daily and see the results in your relationship satisfaction and happiness. Teach It. We deepen our understanding when we teach something. So, teaching win—win to others aids our own ability to use it, thereby increasing the possibility for more happiness in our relationship life.

Beyond that, passing this relationship-enhancing skill on to our significant others, our children, our friends, and our colleagues, sets the stage for mutual happiness all around. Win—win conflict resolution is a cognitive and behavioral skill that can well serve your relationships happiness.

You can not only resolve those nagging disagreements you have with others, but you will also draw closer to these people in the process. You have to determine to use them. Go do it. Russell Grieger, Ph. You may contact Dr. Grieger for more information at grieger cstone.

Think interdependent, not independent.

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In other moments they may ask for advice or support of some kind. I believe them to be wrong. Giving the other person attention can, not only build a meaningful relationship, but also pay off in their attitude towards work and the company as a whole.

The Win-Win Way to Play Office Politics

It is not easy for many people to listen and not judge. Supply chain Purchasing departments of large companies often set standards for their suppliers. It can be used in a business of any size and successfully communicated to consumers adding to the brand perception and building brand loyalty. I once worked with a company that, unlike their competition, manufactured in the EU. I suggested they use this to their advantage and use it as a marketing tool and it worked just fine. Consumers tend to vote for good products with their money. Support for a cause You can share a bit of your profits with a local NGO and build your reputation as a trustworthy employer in the local community.

It will make a difference and help you attract employees.

I would advise you to develop a close link between your brand and the supported cause. Investment focus If you are responsible for managing the companies investment portfolio think about selecting companies that take care about the world. Every investment decision we make is a statement towards our values. As I mentioned before in the point about product development — value is where true problems are. The power that lies in business can be more influential, faster and more progressive than any government.

I see it as an opportunity on both an individual and company level. What I find tragic is that more and more people seem to be indifferent.

The Win/Win Way: - To Get What You Want The Win/Win Way: - To Get What You Want
The Win/Win Way: - To Get What You Want The Win/Win Way: - To Get What You Want
The Win/Win Way: - To Get What You Want The Win/Win Way: - To Get What You Want
The Win/Win Way: - To Get What You Want The Win/Win Way: - To Get What You Want
The Win/Win Way: - To Get What You Want The Win/Win Way: - To Get What You Want
The Win/Win Way: - To Get What You Want The Win/Win Way: - To Get What You Want
The Win/Win Way: - To Get What You Want The Win/Win Way: - To Get What You Want

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