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She told the New York Herald Tribune that "the Daughters desire to have a Spanish garden on the site of the old mission, but the governor will not consider it. Therefore, we are going to fight him from the stump. We are also going to make speeches in the districts of State Senators who voted against and killed the amendment" to return control of the mission to the DRT. This conflict became known as the Second Battle of the Alamo. In , Driscoll persuaded the state legislature to purchase two tracts of land between the chapel and Crockett street. As San Antonio prepared to host the Hemisfair in , the long barracks was roofed and turned into a museum.

Few structural changes have taken place since then. The limestone used to construct the buildings was taken from the banks of the San Antonio River. It expands when confronted with moisture and then contracts when temperatures drop, shedding small pieces of limestone with each cycle. Measures have been taken to partially combat the problem.

15 Facts About the Battle of the Alamo

In , a theater near the Alamo unveiled a new movie, Alamo The minute-long film would be screened several times each day. The movie attracted much protest from Mexican-American activists, who decried the anti-Mexican comments and complained that it ignored Tejano contributions to the battle. The movie was re-edited in response to the complaints, but the controversy grew to the point that many activists began pressuring the legislature to move control of the Alamo to the League of United Latin American Citizens LULAC. The DRT agreed to make their financial records more open, and the hearings were canceled.

Many minority legislators agreed with him. Guerra claimed that the DRT had kept the temperature too low within the chapel, a situation which caused the formation of water vapor , which when mixed with automobile exhaust fumes damaged the limestone walls.

Feature History - Texas Revolution

These allegations prompted the legislature in to once more attempt to transfer control of the Alamo to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. By the following year, some advocacy groups in San Antonio had begun pressing for the mission to be turned into a larger historical park.

They wished to restore the chapel to its 18th-century appearance and focus public interpretation of the site on its mission days rather than the activities of the Texas Revolution. The head of the group's Alamo Committee, Ana Hartman, claimed that the dispute was gender-based. According to her, "There's something macho about it. Some of the men who are attacking us just resent what has been a successful female venture since The dispute was mostly resolved in , when then- Governor George W. Bush vowed to veto any legislation that would displace the DRT as caretakers of the Alamo.

In , the office of the Texas Attorney General received a complaint that the DRT had been mismanaging not only the site, but the funds allocated for its management, and an investigation was begun. As of , the Alamo welcomed over four million visitors each year, making it one of the most popular historic sites in the United States. A large mural, known as the Wall of History, portrays the history of the Alamo complex from its mission days to modern times. Bush announced on March 12, , that his office would take charge of the daily operations of the Alamo from the Daughters of the Republic of Texas.

In October , the state announced that it would purchase three historic buildings on Alamo Plaza. The General Land Office and the Alamo Endowment non-profit association have entered into a cooperative agreement to formulate a master plan for both the Alamo Complex and the Alamo Historic District. Future visitors can expect a full historical interpretation of the Alamo from its inception to the battle of and beyond. Renewed resistance to the General Land Office's master plan for the site, which envisions a quadrupling of the site to include a ,square-foot museum, came from the recent consideration to move the Alamo Cenotaph to a different location.

Under six flags , Alamo, San Antonio, Texas postcard, circa Plaque on a wall at the Alamo, recognizing ownership by the state of Texas and custodianship of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas. A plaque posted in remembrance of the contribution of the Alamo by Clara Driscoll to the state of Texas.

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  • The Alamo, San Antonio.

Memorial poem carved in granite written by a Japanese geography professor in comparing the Battle to the siege of Nagashino Castle in See also: List of museums in Central Texas. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. National Register of Historic Places. National Historic Landmark. Historic district Contributing property.

15 Facts About the Battle of the Alamo

Texas State Antiquities Landmark. Main article: Battle of the Alamo. It belongs to everyone, or at least it should. National Register of Historic Places portal Texas portal. Interior of the Alamo, San Antonio, Texas about looking toward the front entrance. Interior of the Alamo, San Antonio, Texas postcard, circa Interior Alamo, cannon, San Antonio, Texas postcard, circa A stone memorial to the 32 men from Gonzales who perished at the Battle of the Alamo.

Mason , p. Edmondson , p. National Park Service. July 9, Published by the Texas State Historical Association. Retrieved November 29, New York Times. Retrieved September 4, Graham Media Group. KSAT News. Section B, pp. Star-Telegram October 20, Battle of the Alamo.


Alamo Mission. City of San Antonio. Schnabel Park Travis Park. Such is the case with the fabled Battle of the Alamo. Mexican general Santa Anna appeared in short order at the head of a massive army and laid siege to the Alamo. He attacked on March 6, , overrunning the approximately defenders in less than two hours. None of the defenders survived. Many myths and legends have grown about the Battle of the Alamo , but the facts often give a different account. Mexico gained independence from Spain in , and at the time, Texas or rather Tejas was part of Mexico.

In , Mexico's leaders wrote a federalist constitution, not much different from that of the United States, and thousands of people from the U. The new colonists brought slavery with them, and in , the Mexican government outlawed slavery, specifically to discourage that influx, since slavery was not an issue in Mexico. In , General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna took control of the Mexican government, and he annulled the constitution and set up centralist control.

Some Texians and Tejanos wanted the federalist constitution back, some wanted centralist control to be based in Mexico: That was the main basis for the turmoil in Texas, not independence. General Sam Houston felt that holding San Antonio was impossible and unnecessary, as most of the settlements of the rebellious Texans were far to the east. Houston sent Jim Bowie to San Antonio: his orders were to destroy the Alamo and return with all of the men and artillery stationed there. Once he saw the fort's defenses, Bowie decided to ignore Houston's orders, having become convinced of the need to defend the city.

The official commander of the Alamo was James Neill. He left on family matters, however, leaving in charge Lt.

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William Travis a ne'er-do-well and slave owner who had no military reputation before the Alamo. The problem was that about half of the men there were not enlisted soldiers, but volunteers who technically could come, go, and do as they pleased. These men only listened to Jim Bowie, who disliked Travis and often refused to follow his orders.

This tense situation was resolved by three events: the advance of a common enemy the Mexican army , the arrival of the charismatic and famous Davy Crockett who proved very skilled at defusing the tension between Travis and Bowie , and Bowie's illness just before the battle. Seeing the massive Mexican army on their doorstep, the Texan defenders hastily retreated to the well-fortified Alamo. During the first couple of days, however, Santa Anna made no attempt to seal the exits from the Alamo and the town: the defenders could very easily have slipped away in the night if they had so desired.

But they remained, trusting their defenses and their skill with their lethal long rifles. In the end, it would not be enough. Lieutenant Travis sent repeated requests to Col. James Fannin in Goliad about 90 miles to the east for reinforcements, and he had no reason to suspect that Fannin would not come.

Every day during the siege, the defenders of the Alamo looked for Fannin and his men, but they never arrived. Fannin had decided that the logistics of reaching the Alamo in time were impossible, and in any event, his or so men would not make a difference against the Mexican army and its 2, soldiers.

The "line in the sand" may have been a myth

There were many native Texans—Mexican nationals referred to as Tejanos—who joined the movement and fought every bit as bravely as their Anglo companions. Both sides included prominent Mexican citizens. Among the men in Travis's forces who died were 13 native-born Texans, 11 of Mexican descent. Santa Anna's forces included a mix of former Spanish citizens, Spanish-Mexican criollos and mestizos, and several indigenous young men sent from the interior of Mexico. Field Trips: ext The Alamo today stands at the heart of San Antonio and the heart of what it means to be a Texan.

People visit from all over the world to see and learn about the mission and fort's vital role in defending freedom. Battlefield tours, living history, a one-of-a-kind movie, summer camps, unique exhibits and more are available year-round on the Alamo grounds. Peak Season May 25 - Sept. Off-Peak Season Sept. Extended Holiday hours Nov. Monday - Thursday 9 a. Friday - Sunday. Last entry 15 minutes before close. Closed Christmas Day. Toggle navigation.

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The Alamo The Alamo
The Alamo The Alamo
The Alamo The Alamo
The Alamo The Alamo
The Alamo The Alamo
The Alamo The Alamo
The Alamo The Alamo

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