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Catching up with Classics: Podkayne of Mars

The structure of that kind novel suits Robert A. Heinlein because he can be as didactic as ever. As a young man the author considered himself a liberal despite having always shown his patriotism and admiration for the military life — he had been in the Navy but was discharged due to a tuberculosis — but over time he became more and more conservative.

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Heinlein was often inspired by his wife Virginia in creating characters of strong women in his novels. Heinlein presents his ideas but also tells an interplanetary journey, inspired by his own travels across the Earth seas. The story however takes into account the peculiarities and dangers of space travel in considerable details considering the time the novel was written.

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The ship makes a stop on Venus, which is controlled by the massive and somewhat evil Venus Corporation. The result is a capitalism gone wild. There are few rules and almost no ethics.

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  • Every decision made by citizens of Venus seems to revolve around money and the efforts to make enough to buy a share or two of Venus Corp. Advertising is everywhere, life is cheap and it seems as if every person on Venus has bought into the Venus Corp. But Poddy begins to see signs of dissent and when Clark is kidnapped, her uncle is forced to reveal that he has been using the two teens as cover to distract executives of Venus Corporation from his true mission: to attend a conference in Luna that might change the way Venus is governed.

    Before her uncle can free Clark, Poddy impulsively tries to save him and ends up being captured herself.

    Which is fine with the kidnappers, who now have two teenagers they can use to manipulate Tom. But when Tom is also captured, they realize they may be killed.

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    Clark manages to trick the kidnappers into allowing them to escape and her arranges to have the defused nuclear weapon rearmed and given to the kidnappers in order to kill them. The bomb explodes and Poddy is injured, but ultimately survives. Her Uncle Tom doesn't take responsibility for her near death and instead tells her parents that they are to blame because they have been too lax with their children. He worries that Poddy is impulsive and reckless and that Clark might be a genius, but that he is also dangerous.

    As the book ends, Clark spends his time nursing Poddy back to health and it seems as if the two teens might have found a new home.

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    Best part of story, including ending: The book was written in the early s and it has not aged well. The portrait of Venus is frankly ludicrous, no matter how far in the future the plot is placed.

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