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Species with any of the above-mentioned characteristics require alternative ex situ conservation approaches via living plant, tissue culture, or cryopreserved collections. These approaches are much more costly and time-consuming, and often require novel research to develop successful long-term preservation protocols. Currently, there is no comprehensive resource for identifying exceptional plant species, but this information is needed for prioritizing ex situ conservation planning and activities.

As a starting point for defining exceptional species, BGCI-US collaborated with Sara Helm Wallace, Longwood Graduate Fellow, to draft a North American exceptional species list and survey experts around the world about species that cannot be seed banked. BGCI is collaborating with Dr.

Valerie Pence at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens to link knowledge, resources and projects globally to conserve threatened exceptional species in a systematic way.

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We are also collaborating on an effort to develop a dynamic global exceptional plant species list. Use this directory to search for and connect with individuals and institutions working with exceptional species around the world. Add your details here to become part of the EPCN network. Judges only grant marriage annulments in exceptional circumstances. The peninsula is a lightly populated area of natural beauty with exceptional wildlife.

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Extremely good. Related word exceptionally adverb. This is an exceptional contract , guaranteeing no layoffs. Exceptional also means unusually good:. Davis has done an exceptional job of reporting. The drawing had exceptionally fine detail.

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The industry is anxious to stress that this is an exceptional case. These are exceptional circumstances.

The effort put in by the team over the last five days has been exceptional. Her leadership style produced exceptional results.


The quality of our products is exceptionally high. Examples of exceptional.

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Eight building phases on a single farmyard are exceptional , but three or four overlapping ground plans are quite common. From Cambridge English Corpus. Purely indefinite readings appear to be more exceptional , yet in some contexts they provide a plausible interpretation of a given gerund construction. These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.

Both are lost to the ideological ' construction' of selfhood, exceptional or otherwise. In particular, we shall argue that time-independent intermediate shocks can exist in the real world, but are exceptional. The foreign learners were relatively accurate at categorizing regular words but extremely inaccurate at categorizing exceptional words. But in economic history, as we know, works of this character are exceptional.

In fact, exceptional creative achievers are most likely to come from family pedigrees that display elevated rates of various psychological disorders. Despite exceptional recent research progress in understanding elastic-fibre assembly and function, many questions remain to be addressed. Masked exercises, which to us seem completely normal, were at that time exceptional.

Analysts are bewildered by the exceptional endurance exhibited by most democratic administrations. As we show, this exceptional development is determined by the ways in which mobile phones have been adapted to the local conditions of everyday life. His age and ability indicate that the experience of provincial leadership is, in the exceptional case, viable politically. These results speak to the outliers found in such research, exceptional learners whose abilities we scarcely understand.

Taking regular individualised lessons in what might be regarded as the usual fashion for instrument tuition was exceptional for these learners.

These exceptional quality crystals introduce negligible aberration into the frequency doubled beam. Translations of exceptional in Chinese Traditional. Need a translator?

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