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The schism in the cult continued another 60 years or so and even deepened, until the Year of the Many Mists DR , when a lich calling itself Sammaster arose in the Desertsmouth Mountains near Shadow Gap. They also left the lair abhorred over Sammaster's return as a threat to their own growing power and agreed that he must be destroyed. And it no doubt was Gwath, with alignment concealed, who contacted members of the Harpers identifying herself as Gwynna, Witch of the Desertsmouth Mountains, to tip them to the location of Sammaster's lich near Shadow Gap.

The Harpers arranged for the paladins of the Company of 12 to investigate the tip, and these did indeed find Sammaster's lich, which they, destroyed, without finding the phylactery, however. Interestingly enough, the name of the Keeper of the Hoard Gwann disappears from the annals of the Cult, simultaneously with the destruction of Sammaster's Lich. More than 20 years before Sammaster's ascension as a lich, in the Year of the Bright Dreams DR , the mage Manshoon had formed the Zhentarim and had risen to the leadership of Zhentil Keep.

By the Company of 12 had destroyed Sammaster's lich in the Year of the Blacksnake DR , the Zhentarim clearly were the waxing power in the Dalelands, just as the divided Dragon Cult's power was waning. It was in the Year of Spilled Blood DR , 30 years after the destruction of Sammaster's lich, that a beautiful, dark-haired human mage identifying herself as Gwenda appeared at the gates of Zhentil Keep announcing that she was seeking an audience with Lord Manshoon.

The unfortunate Zhentilar guards at the gate laughed, and then literally died laughing. When the woman brushed aside other armed resistance by the Zhentilar and a few lesser priests of Bane, she was encountered by the high priest Fzoul Chembryl, and after a discussion with him was indeed taken in to meet with Manshoon.

The contents of those conversations are unknown, according to Elminster, but it was obvious that Gwath had found a new organization with which to ally herself, and that Gwenda was nothing other than a new manifestation of the lich Gwath. After the meeting with Fzoul and Manshoon, Gwenda returned unharmed upstream on the Tesh and traveled as far as Teshwave, where she had settled down.

It is said that Teshwave and other parts of Teshendale were struck with devastating magicks before the Zhentilar overran the Dale in their conquering wave in the Year of the Gulagoar DR. After their conquest, there was no further sign of Gwenda in the dale, dead or alive, but within days, a beautiful, black-haired woman named Gwenda showed up in Dagger Falls.

With considerable money in her pockets, she purchased the decrepit Broken Dagger Tavern inside the city walls, which soon become the center of discontent over the ruling Morn family's lack of action to help Teshendale when it was overrun by the Zhents. Gwenda the tavernkeep was one of the main supporters of a good customer of her bar named Malyk, who said he could protect Daggerdale better than the Morns. Before the Year of the Gulagoar DR was over, a popular uprising had unseated the Morn family in the Dagger Falls area and put - unwittingly - the Zhentarim puppet Malyk in the Morn family's place, although the Morns continued to be the predominant power in southern Daggerdale.

Within a few rides after Malyk's assumption of power, Gwenda sold her tavern to a disabled Zhentarim tracker named Tharwin One-Eye, and nothing more was seen of her in Dagger Falls or elsewhere in Daggerdale for many years to come. Elminster assumes that Gwath spent the next 40 plus years in her hidden tower in the Desertsmouth Mountains, perhaps receiving magical items or knowledge as payment for her service to the Zhents.

There is no further trace of her in the history of the Dale until the Time of Troubles. In the Year of the Shadows DR , a Harper ranger spied a dark-haired skeletal creature he took for a lich dabbling around the abandoned cottages in the former village of Sunstone southeast of Dagger Falls. Elminster has little doubt that the skeletal figure seen by the ranger was anyone other than Gwath, in the process of opening the gate. After the Time of Troubles and this one incident in the former village of Sunstone, nothing more was seen of Gwath in Daggerdale.

Elminster had assumed that Gwath's physical essence as a lich was beginning to degenerate and that she most likely was preparing to move on to existence as a demi-lich. Only recently, he said, was his mind rather abruptly changed on this point, although he still does not know how Gwath hopes to maintain her physical essence. Harper spies have reported that a beautiful, dark-haired human woman who calls herself Gwannet has been quietly visiting with important merchants in Sembia who are believed to be associated with the secret Iron Throne.

Furthermore, according to the Harper spies, Gwannet has been presenting genuine looking documentation to the Sembian merchants which identifies her as a special ambassador of Randal Morn's. She also is telling the merchants that once he has established firm control over all of Daggerdale and has destroyed the Flaming Tower, the last Zhent bastion in the Tesh Valley, that Randal Morn wishes to enter into an alliance with the Iron Throne, giving the organization the exclusive trade rights along the old Zhent trade routes through the Tesh Valley.

Lad, ye can be sure that Gwath isn't making these promises without some good idea of how she can make them come true, El told Randal. I think the next problem ye're going to have to take care of is Gwath herself! Most of the official sources on Daggerdale talk of small villages and settlements, many in a state of ruin, that dot the countryside of Daggerdale.

However, few of these villages have been described in any detail in official products, and only Dagger Falls had been mapped until recently. There are several villages that were developed and mapped by Bill T. Eric L. Boyd, author of a number of Realms products, contributed the very interesting Castle Dunbarton in southwestern Daggerdale to the Forgotten Realms Mailing List. Editor's note: That webpage no longer exists. I don't know if the original post by Eric Boyd is still available on the internet, but a quick Google search turned up no trace of it.

It shows the location of all of these new sites and adds several other villages, settlements ands ruins produced by the Northern Realms Project Group, as contributions to the Daggerdale project and for the Backlands chapter of the Northern Journey adventure. This short summary may help you get a good idea of what kind of places the villages, settlements and ruins on the overland map are.

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Many of these locations also have been mapped, and these maps can be downloaded here in the FCW format used by Campaign Cartographer 2 Version 6. For users of other systems, conversions of the maps also can be downloaded in the universal GIF-format. Anathar's Dell. Above the surface a beautiful farming community, beneath the surface, the mines of the Brightblade Dwarven Clan who mine minerals and semi-precious stones.

The only inn is also called Anathar's Hall and is run by a female dwarven innkeeper named Kharva. The village has a shrine to Chauntea and the halls of the Brightblade clan have temples to Moradin and Dumathoin.

This is an official location. Black Switch. A farming village of 11 farms, with a blacksmith, a millstream, mill and a small, newly remodeled inn and brewery, called the Ruse's Mage and shrines to Chauntea and Lathander.

This and the town's name go back to an old tale of a farmer who scared off an orc band by holding an ordinary black switch in the hand, pretending that it was a wand and he was a mage, and threatening to blow the orcs all the way back to Gruumsh, if they didn't disappear. They did. Bloodstone earlier Highstone, also known as Undead Castle. Not a lot is known about the ancient ruins of this village high in the Dagger Hills. It is said that Highstone was one of the first settlements of Merrydale to be completely taken over by vampires in the Year of the Gray Mists DR.

It supposedly was destroyed two years later by high elven mages and powerful elven warriors from Cormanthor. The stone walls of windowless, roofless buildings still stand in some places, as do remnants of the low city wall, but all is heavily overgrown with moss, weeds and trees. By day, the site leaves the viewer with a discomfiting eerie feeling. By night, the ruins are said to be haunted by ghosts and worse. More historical information can be found in Section 24, entitled Gwath.

Castle Daggerdale. This mountain fortress was the traditional seat of the ruling family Morn. The castle is devastated today and fully in ruins. This is an official site. There are more details in the Dalelands accessory by Richer L. We are aware of no floor plans. Editors Note: According to The Dalelands supplement, Castle Daggerdale is still intact, but large sections have been gutted by fire.

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Using this information, I have drawn my own set of plans for Castle Daggerdale, which can be downloaded here. There are three maps, which show: 1 a view of the area around the castle; 2 the castle grounds with the walls, the ruined out-buildings, and the keep; and 3 the floorplan of the keep with its basement. I have also written a general description of the maps that can be viewed here. Castle Dunbarton. For years, the castle was an all but forgotten ruin in southwestern Daggerdale, until the Kingdom of Cormyr took an interest in it, quietly refurbished it and just as quietly planted a contingent of Purple Dragons in it.

Forgotten Realms Villains - Manshoon

Zhentarim agents still at large in Daggerdale have begun taking an interest in Castle Dunbarton because they have become aware of the Purple Dragon presence there. Randal Morn also has begun taking an interest, because the Zhents are interested, although he's not yet aware of the Purple Dragon presence. Castle Dunbarton is an invention of Eric L.

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Christof Wuttke of the Daggerdale Project expanded upon and mapped Mr. Boyd's invention. Castle Enneth. A small walled city with a small castle or manor house, Enneth supposedly still is in good condition. Economic plight caused the city to dwindle during the Zhent reign. However, the Freedom Fighters used it after that time as a base of operations. Much of Enneth still is in good condition. The city could be revived, if new residents can be found. Sufficient Freedom Fighters remain in Enneth to keep it free of monsters.

Cold Springs. The village is at the source of a stream that flows into the Ashaba. It consists of a dozen farms, a smithy and a tavern no accommodations called the Waters of the Dales. There also is a mill about a mile downstream from the village and a small shrine to Chauntea near the mill. Cold Rush Creek, which has its source in Cold Springs, also is an invention of the same group.

Dagger Falls. This is the largest town in Daggerdale and in more modern times its seat of government. For quite a number of years, it was under the control of the Zhentarim, and in the NJ adventure in Backlands it has fallen again into the hands of Zhent renegades, who are being besieged by the followers and allies of Randal Morn. Dagger Falls is an official location. We offer a custom-made map. Dagger Springs.

Ruins of an abandoned old village with the remains of 14 farms, a smith's shop, a grain storage facility and a small tavern, none with roofs and some with only foundations still remaining. Zhents or orcs may at any time be temporarily holed up here. It has not been mapped or further detailed. Flaming Tower. A Zhentish garrison just outside the borders of Daggerdale on the Tesh.

It now is run as an enclave of the Xvimist faction of the Zhentarim. This map corresponds to the tower before it was destroyed by the Knights of Myth Drannor. It is inconsistent with the description of the reconstructed tower in the novel Finder's Bane by Jeff Grubb and Kate Nowak TSR - , which we used as the basis for our map. A small abandoned village of four farms in decrepit condition. Orc bands sometimes hole up here. Galders is an invention of the Northern Realms Projects Group.

A once prosperous village of rich farming and freshwater fishing, only dry lake beds, 20 abandoned farms and a dozen cottages remain. Many of the buildings still seem to be in reparable condition. The last of the local residents left the village in the Year of the Spur DR , after foolish Zhentish magical experiments caused the spring-fed lakes to dry up. Zhent records found in Dagger Falls claim that a substantial colony of dopplegangers in the service of the Zhentarim lairs here, but the Freedom Fighters have not yet verified if this still is the case.

Goldfields is an invention of the Northern Realms Projects Group.

List of Dungeons & Dragons gnome deities - Wikipedia

Green Orb. This is a rather prosperous village for Daggerdale, but one that the Freedom Fighters keep their eyes on. A good 25 farms are scattered across the countryside here, along with several miles of fruit orchards. The village has a smithy, a schnapps distillery and a tavern no accommodations called the Schnapps Queen, which has two separate guest rooms, one for locals and one for strangers.

People in Green Orb are suspicious of and rather unfriendly toward natives of other parts of the Dales. This village produces fruit schnapps of very high quality with a good reputation in much of the Heartlands. The Zhents, soured on by a fanatic priest of Bane, managed to persecute and financially abuse the farmers of Green Orb to such an extent that the last of them at last left, and the highly profitable schnapps industry collapsed.

Realizing the mistake that was made, financially wiser Zhentarim saw to it that loyal farmers from the Moonsea and Zhentish spies from elsewhere were brought into Green Orb to revive the schnapps industry. The majority of these folk had been followers of Bane until the Time of Troubles. In the intervening years they rejected Cyric. Three different priests sent to Green Orb by the church of Cyric simply vanished, and their takeover of Bane's temple was a short-term matter. Radargh vanished - into the hills behind Green Orb, where he maintains a small, makeshift cave chapel for the villagers.

Dernesch and other village leaders have been debating just what position they should take in the future. They are beginning to believe that Daggerdale is lost to the Zhentarim. However, they do not want to lose their rich farms. Randal Morn's deputy governor, Captain Mestin Troll Durmark of the Freedom Fighters, in her last visit to collect taxes in Green Orb, made it quite clear that the villagers have very little time left to integrate themselves as loyal Dalesmen, or they will be deported back to the Moonsea. Dernesch and the others are looking for no new conflicts at present.

The PCs will not receive a welcome in Green Orb, but they also will not be harmed if they keep their noses out of village secrets. This ancient castle, now filled with undead, is an invention of the Northern Realms Projects Group. It is detailed below and in the history above. Hadreth's Glen. This village was created by Bill T.

A village map is available on the CD. The tale of the rise and fall of Irythkeep is recorded on lost pages of history, but it appears that the castle once defended broad farmlands that spread across the surrounding area. The Tethyamar Trail to the west of the keep dips in this area, becoming even a bit swampy in places, and parts of the trail itself are in poor. If you can't find what you're looking for, I suggest you check Amazon. If all you want is a copy of a book to read, but don't need the real thing, then check out the wide selection of books available for download in.

The Accursed Tower.

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This module is designed for three to six characters of 1st to 3rd level. The adventure is set in Icewind Dale around the great lake known as Maer Dualdon. The player characters PCs become the unwitting accomplices to a wizard as he searches for the tower and diary of a long-dead necromancer. Reunion was a three-round RPGA scenario based in the Al-Qadim game universe and it has been repackaged for use in a home campaign.

The scenario relies heavily on the players using the provided PCs rather than PCs of their own making. Castle Spulzeer Adventure. Castle Spulzeer is an adventure for four to six player characters of levels 8 to Ideally, the party will contain at least one priest and one wizard; more would be helpful. This adventure is, of course, complete in itself. However, Castle Spulzeer has two possible endings. The choice of whether or not to pursue the plot into the Demiplane of Dread is, of course, up to the Dungeon Master DM , but we encourage you to take advantage of this unique crossover opportunity.

The Forgotten Realms setting is one of the most well-known fantasy environments in the world of adventure gaming. The Fall of Myth Drannor Adventure. This supplement is less an adventure for PCs than a breakdown of the year-downfall of Myth Drannor, peppered with a wide array of adventure hooks for DMs. The sheer number of stories and incidents all crowded into the relatively short period herein render it impossible to offer more than basic hooks and ideas.

This module can be played either as four stand-alone adventures, or as part of an interlocking campaign. The unifying theme for the four adventures involves a series of four magic items of historical significance, which also create a single item of great power. Hellgate Keep Adventure. No matter what style of play a gaming group enjoys or what campaign world a DM uses, these vignettes should work in getting the PCs to leap headlong into the abyss of evil that was once Hellgate Keep.

Cloak and Dagger (Forgotten Realms) Cloak and Dagger (Forgotten Realms)
Cloak and Dagger (Forgotten Realms) Cloak and Dagger (Forgotten Realms)
Cloak and Dagger (Forgotten Realms) Cloak and Dagger (Forgotten Realms)
Cloak and Dagger (Forgotten Realms) Cloak and Dagger (Forgotten Realms)
Cloak and Dagger (Forgotten Realms) Cloak and Dagger (Forgotten Realms)
Cloak and Dagger (Forgotten Realms) Cloak and Dagger (Forgotten Realms)
Cloak and Dagger (Forgotten Realms) Cloak and Dagger (Forgotten Realms)
Cloak and Dagger (Forgotten Realms) Cloak and Dagger (Forgotten Realms)
Cloak and Dagger (Forgotten Realms) Cloak and Dagger (Forgotten Realms)

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