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1. Play Gambit and kill Ascendant Primevals to receive The Seething Heart Quest Step

His fingers graze something hard and smooth—rocks? Feeling annoyed and a little betrayed—why would someone that looks this loaded, have no money on them? However, at the last moment a weird urge to peek at whatever Jordi is carrying takes a hold of him.

1. Play Gambit and kill Ascendant Primevals to receive The Seething Heart Quest Step

After all this trouble, he might as well go ahead and do it. But not any kind of skull: this is a small one that looks a lot like his own. Both of them stare at each other in silence. Jordi undoes the clasps and takes a step in his direction before Tobin swings his dagger at him.

Ascendant Primeval Servitor

With a quick spin, Tobin dashes into the trees without looking back once. I definitely encourage people to check it out. The question races through your mind, as you struggle through the underbrush.

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Barren branches rake your skin, and the smell of charred wood fills yours lungs as you desperately flee the encroaching flames. Unfortunately the flames are close behind you. As the flames swallow trees and shrubs alike, you see images of the past in the flames. The flames never let you forget. They morph into images of your home and family being engulfed by flame, your face crying in pain for those you lost along the way. Your orange pursuers dredge up the memories of your brother from a time before the flames. You had watched him transform during the two years after the accident.

His whimsical nature was replaced by solemn shell, his eyes that once shined with mischief, turned cold from the crimes he commited so we could survive. The right side of your face is now a permanent reminder of what you lost. Children pointed at you in horror, the adults looked down upon you in either pity or disdain, and your brother only added to your torment.

He never looked at you during those two years, and you hated him for it.

He caused you more anguish than anyone, and you hated him for it. He sacrificed so much for you yet scorned the sight of you. He kept you alive while he slowly killed you on the inside. On the night you became an adult, your brother decided to leave Blackstone to pursue his dreams. Well all except one. His name is Nayr, an elf who had lost his sight in a magical accident. He adopted masks to hide his scars, and he eventually began a collection of masks. While his masks made him easily recognizable, his personality made him memorable.

As a bard many witnessed his charisma and musical skill at the tavern, to them he was a humble and charming bard, but to us he was something else. Behind closed doors he was cocky to the point of arrogance. Anything about Nayr, is something for Nayr to boast about. You focused on his skills as a musician. Having been lucky enough to have your mother take you to an Isaria Evenveil concert, you knew Nayr was about as good as the floor Isaria stood on. You told him as such after one of his particularly boastful sessions.

You spent many a night outside the tavern window listening to his songs, and if he had free time he would teach you to play the lute. While learning an instrument was rewarding, you found yourself drawn to painting. Unfortunately it was a rather costly trade when it came to the materials. Instead you asked for a job at the herbery.

An alchemical store to city officials but a place to reach the clouds to those with the right connections. Your investigation into the fire through legal channels always produced the same answers, that it was an accident. A fire started from the hearth then spread to the rest of the house.

City of Secrets: A real spy is never who you think they are | WTOP

You distinctly remember your parents telling you to put out the fire because you were the last one going to bed. You are convinced that you put out the fire, and that something was afoot.

You still refused to believe that your negligence caused the fire. So you continued to pursue every lead you could, every lead delivering the same answer. Your mad search for answers plagued your days, and it eventually infected your dreams. A couple months after your brother left the nightmares begin. Always the same dream, burning and screaming, every night. One night the glass dome broke. Flames dance around you as the falling shards begin to replay the night you lost everything.

How to get the Malfeasance Exotic hand cannon - Destiny 2

You feel yourself being pulled back to that night, and the panic sets in. Before you can scream the smoke lodges itself in your throat, prostrating you before the encroaching flames. You close your eyes only to have the same scene appear in your mind. As the smoke begins to clear you begin to see…. Nayr: A familiar voice rings from the tavern entrance.

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Well that was unexpected. As my chair flies out from underneath me, I find myself on the floor, the smell of dried and spilt ale filling my nose.

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My behind unfortunately made a rather painful introduction to the splintery floor. You hear the patrons around you roar with laughter as you feel her footsteps reverberating through the wood as she stops in front of you. A scent drifts to your nose. Hm a new perfume? What is that?

Lilac and gooseberries? An odd combination to be sure. Oh geez am I in trouble. As soon as I get to my feet she grabs my hand and drags me out the door. Always gotta put on a show. If I knew any better,you just wanted to hold my hand again. My oh my how I miss our banter. Although the which is soon replaced with an irritation I am all to familiar with. New perfume and wanting my company? Did any of that make sense in your head? To your surprise he has removed his domino mask, revealing his once brown eyes now a dimmer version of their former selves. His empty gaze accompanied with the dark tendrils, forces you to look away.

I turn back to see the domino mask upon his face, his hand outreached. I grab his hand as we hurry to the house. As we reach the slums of Blackstone I lead Nayr down the narrow alleyways. As we approached the house the temperature continues to drop, and I begin shivering. As we approach Nayr pulls me back. But before he can say anything orange orbs sets the night sky alight. They circles around Blackstone cutting through the dark clouds, I watch in awe as they appear to dance through the sky. You can see the people start to notice this light show, and the oos and aws of children fill the night air.

One orb in particular beelined towards us. As I dive on top of Nayr, the orb flies overhead, but the orb continues to glow like the sun forcing me to look away. As I turn from Nayr I notice the cold is gone, replaced by a heat. They spread unnaturally fast, as I run towards the house I yell at Nayr to stay put. As I reach the door I find myself soaring in the opposite direction as my world goes black. You: As your eyes begin to focus you see the trademark domino mask and a ghost of a smile.

As you gaze falls upon Nayr and Fen, both of their clothes appear singed, the smell of burnt wood emanating from them. Nayr is breathing heavily as Fen appears to be barely breathing at all. Everything you knew was in flame, and just like that, you lost everything again. Winner number 4! But the blonde guy sitting with MC and the one at the counter leave me a bit confused. Guess that leaves us with Lamuel as to who the guy at the counter could be, he is also drawn differently than how he is described in the game.

Sorry, I tend to get nitpicky when it comes to such details. Works In Progress. Her case was just one of many international spy stories that have unfolded in the D. Another involved Kevin Mallory, a former CIA case officer who was recently sentenced to 20 years in prison on espionage charges. Mallory decided that five years after retirement, he needed to make extra money.

He made his services available to the Chinese. We caught him. Usually espionage cases take years. He was well liked in his Leesburg, Virginia, community, known for helping neighbors in their yards and assisting immigrants with their taxes, and he was a regular at church — all attributes that numerous past U. All Rights Reserved. This website is not intended for users located within the European Economic Area. Share This: share on facebook share on twitter share via email print. She was also engaged in an espionage operation against the U. Green explores how her former colleagues exposed the plot.

Nothing stood out about her. But she was also something else. At the time Montes was arrested, she had been living a quiet life in D. Montes, serving a 25 year sentence, is scheduled to be released in Technology and possibly carelessness contributed to the speedy resolution. Those attributes are also classic covers that spies often use to avoid suspicion. Part 5 — City of Secrets: Spies aren't just walking the streets in Washington.

City of Secrets City of Secrets
City of Secrets City of Secrets
City of Secrets City of Secrets
City of Secrets City of Secrets
City of Secrets City of Secrets
City of Secrets City of Secrets

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